Reynolds Advanced Materials
10422 SE 244th Street
Kent, WA 98030

Contact: Allyson Johnson, Branch Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (253) 236.4908
Fax: (253) 236.5215


Reynolds Advanced Materials specializes in turning ideas into a physical reality by showing you materials that can do things you never thought possible. 

We help people like you convert concepts and project designs into a finished product. We’re easy to talk to and our expertise can guide you to the right materials and/or equipment for your application.


Whether you are a model maker, prototyper or device manufacturer/developer, Reynolds Advanced Materials
(13 locations in the USA) stocks a full line of silicone rubbers and casting plastics that are the perfect combination
to reproduce your creations and drive production.

 Reynolds offers platinum and tin-cure silicones for making molds that capture the finest detail and last.  Urethane and epoxy resins are available to cover hundreds of industrial casting applications. Our industry-best technical help is always available to keep you going in the right direction for your projects.

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