Start a Student Chapter of the APMM!

The benefits of Chapter Membership include:

  • The development of a community of individuals with similar interests and goals to learn, share, and grow that support the program of study
  • Access to the staggering breadth of knowledge in the membership of the APMM
  • The ability to network with professionals in your interested field
  • Learn tips, techniques, and tricks from professionals
  • Project problem solving and technical information exchange
  • Open sharing of information with student peers and through the MILE (Members Internet List Exchange)
  • Entrance to the APMM Biennial Student Model Making Competition (which includes cash prizes)
  • Source for internship referrals and career connections
  • Employment and Internship listings
  • Information and resources for preparing the job search process
  • Student access to the national conference
  • Student/Educator reduced rates on membership dues and conference fees
  • Access to the entire Member Directory listed in the APMM Website
  • Access to the “members” area of the APMM Website
  • Access to resources for leading edge technology, materials, and equipment
  • Leadership opportunities to complement to your professional resume
  • Access to Model Making technical archives online
  • Access to professional workshops and seminars
  • APMM/Conference Sponsor Scholarships
  • Discounted APMM logo merchandise


Six easy steps to chapter formation:
1. Start a campus club related to the model making field
2. Recruit a faculty advisor
3. Request a Student Chapter registration form (online availability)
4. Schedule and record club meetings and activities
5. Submit registration form to the APMM within 4 weeks of delivery and include:
   a. A report of meetings and activities within the 4 week period
   b. A school catalog with tabbed and highlighted references to the program
      of study and any graduation or program requirements
6. Once the APMM has completed the evaluation you will receive notification of your status.

The Student Chapter Handbook is now available for download in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. If you have any questions about the Handbook, please contact us.

(You will need Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher to open the PDF attachments. Earlier versions will not display the files properly. )

Download the Student Chapter Handbook

Questions? contact VP of Education Darcie Thompson, at [email protected]