Membership Dues

Welcome to the Membership Registration area. We invite you to become a member of the APMM and join us in enjoying the many Membership Benefits. If you are ready to join, then visit the Register page now!

Professional One-year $150 per individual
Professional Two-year $275 per individual

Professional Group One-year $125 per individual
(when three or more are processed on the same transaction, from the same company location)

Model Shop/Studio One-year $720
(covers all model making staff within company - each individual must have a unique, valid e-mail address to be included)

Education One-year $500
(covers the entire staff, faculty, and currently enrolled students)

Student One-year $30 per student
(must provide proof of full time enrollment in an accredited education institution)


All one-year terms are 12 months from date of registration or from date of previous membership expiration, two-year terms are 24 months from registration.

International membership dues may be higher, because of payment processing minimums. Please contact our Executive Director for details.

Questions? We're happy to assist - contact us at 315-750-0803 or email [email protected]