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Teaching Work Ethic in Manufacturing Program  
By Jim Weber, Capital HS, Helena, MT,  [email protected] 

The purpose of the work ethic curriculum being shared with the HTEC Network is to provide teachers with valuable teaching tools that can be easily adopted, adapted, and used in their high school and post-secondary machining programs to teach the subject of “Work Ethic”.  

 Teaching Work Ethic in Manufacturing Program - by Jim Weber

      Work Ethic - Lesson 1 - Entitlement 8.27.16.pdf

      Work Ethic - Lesson 2 - Automatic 8.28.16 by Jim Weber

      Work Ethic - Lesson 3 - A Successful Failure 

      Work Ethics - Lesson 4 - Work Is A Good Thing! 9.30.16

      Work Ethic - Lesson 5 - The Humble Entrance

      Work Ethic - Lesson 6 - Dropping The Ball


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