Outside Interests of the Creative Sort

Submitted by Sue Wellman, VP of Communications

Editor's Note: As newsletter editor I am always looking for something to write about.  Because I recently started watercolor painting I thought perhaps there are other APMM members who pursue creative endeavors outside of work. This may become a recurring feature if we get enough interest. Please send me photos and descriptions of your work to be included in future issues. Contact me at [email protected].


Membership Drive with a Twist

APMM President Jill Kenik has launched a new way to recruit members and it involves our vendor members and YOU!

We've created a three-point recruiting campaign in an effort to distribute information about the APMM - with a postcard, poster, and vendor brochure.






Vendor News 

Learn what's new from B9Creations

Submitted by Ernest Ang, VP of Vendor Relations

Managing your Membership 

Did you know that the APMM gives you two ways to easily manage your membership? 

Submitted by Paul Chabala, Treasurer

Model makers are a very devoted (and extremely busy) breed, and we are all passionate about the APMM and what that membership has to offer. Help us make life easier on you.

The APMM gives you two ways to easily manage your membership. Along with offering a discounted Professional or Vendor Two-Year price break, you can also choose Auto-Renewal!!

It works like this: 
Next time you renew, simply choose the Two-Year or the Auto-Renewal option. To check your membership status now (and extend your membership for another year!) click here. You can also login to the website and go to Update Member Profile in the Membership menu. If you renew prior to your expiration date, your term will be extended for one year from the end of your current term.

Make your life easier and keep your membership from lapsing - take advantage of Auto-Renewal today!!

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MTEC - New Facility at the Richard J. Daley College

A new Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center (MTEC) has opened in Chicago. 

 Submitted by Sue WELLMAN, vp of communications

In January, the Richard J. Daley College in Chicago celebrated the grand opening of their new Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center (MTEC) designed around a fresh approach to attract and educate students in manufacturing technology.

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