The idea of creating an APMM recruiting postcard came out of a discussion that Jill had with David Brummel of Aves at the Grand Rapids Conference.  David pointed out that he sells product to a broad range of industries, some of which would have an interest in APMM.  After a bit of discussion, the two formulated the idea of asking vendors to place our information in their outbound packages. The campaign is still too new to get a grip on the numbers, but across three vendors we have roughly 800 cards going out each month. The cards were shipped to vendors in late February. Thank you to Board Secretary Michael Scribner for creating the artwork on these pieces.

The participating vendors include SilpakMcCausey, and Aves. If you are a vendor and would like to join this effort, contact Jill at [email protected] or Vendor VP Ernest Ang at [email protected].




To all other members, we have several thousand postcards made, so if you have an opportunity to pass them out, consider asking for some cards. If you participate in maker spaces, are going to trade shows, or are friendly with a local vendor that serves model makers --- anywhere you might encounter another model maker and could pass along one of these, please contact us and we'll send you a stack of postcards. 

A vendor recruiting brochure nicely details the benefits of being part of our APMM community. It’s available as a download from the website, or can be mailed out to anyone that has an opportunity to discuss APMM Vendor membership with one of their suppliers. Contact Jill Kenik if you are interested.






As the third piece, recruitment posters were sent to Vendor member Reynolds Advanced Materials for placement on their showroom bulletin boards. Again, this idea came out of a discussion with the vendor on how they could help us recruit.  Placement on a showroom bulletin board is another great idea for reaching model makers! 

Posters are available if anyone has a location where they could be pinned up, such as showrooms you go to for purchasing supplies, trade shows (they slip into standard plexiglass tabletop display stands), or maker spaces.


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