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Post Conference 2018 brought some much needed updating to the APMM image and to the manner in which we communicate within the community.  We have a new logo, T-shirts to show off that logo, a community forum, and, as of late December, a brand new website!  

submitted by Jill Kenik, APMM PRESIDENT 

I want to again thank Samanthi and the APMM Board of Directors for their countless hours of work on the site update, and highlight to the membership some of the new features.

Forums are now accessible by either scrolling down the Home Page to the Talking Shop section and clicking on the blue “FORUM” button, or by hovering over the Resources menu found at the top of each page, and clicking on “Forum”, which is at the top of the drop down menu.  If you open our site on a mobile device, or have a compressed open window on your desktop, these top-of-the-page menu items can be found by clicking on the 3 bars icon found at the top right of each page.

Access APMM’s YouTube Channel through the Resources menu from the website.  If you have not seen Mark McKenna’s keynote from the Grand Rapids Conference, it is three clicks away through the website!  Our VP of Technology, Joshua Munchow, looks forward to adding more videos as the channel grows.

Locate the most current Newsletter in the Talking Shop section of the Home Page, or in the Resources drop down menu.  If you are a logged-in member, there is an archive of Newsletters dating back to 2007 found on the Resources drop down menu.  This archive will expand further as we begin the process of scanning paper copies of early APMM Newsletters into the system.

Speaking of Archives, check out the Art Hedlund Student Model Making Competition!  The new website has winner image archives dating back to 2006!  There are some gaps, so if you have any of the missing information, please get in touch. 

For Members Only are the results of the 2018 Compensation Survey.  Members also have searchable access to the entire Member Directory and to the estimating tool, “The Perfect Bid” which includes an easy to use spreadsheet.   The Forums provide ten additional categories to our membership, not accessible by the public.  While the public can view all categories, only members can post comments and questions to the Forums.

While the Paint Dries on the Home Page is where you will find the very latest information from the APMM community.  If you have announcements of special events for the community, please send them to Sam for consideration of placement in this section.  

What I believe is one of the best aspects of the new website—the Member Slideshow, is found on the inside pages.   Currently, we have nearly 30 images highlighting our member’s work.  Each slide provides a clickable link to the member’s own website.  If you are looking for a free promotional tool, or are simply willing to share a great model making project with the community and are a current member, send us up to 3 images and we will take care of adding to the slideshow.  Pictures should be good quality, high resolution, set to a square field.  Provide a title for each image and the website address for linking. Email your work to [email protected].  Students and Professionals are encouraged to continue supplying images for our slideshow.

Have you participated in our Poll Question?  The Poll Question is found on the inside pages where you can vote and see results immediately!  Our VP of Membership, Terry Wellman, will be changing the poll monthly as he works to gain a better understanding of our membership makeup and its needs.  If you have an idea for a poll, or would like APMM to help you research a particular question through our membership, get in touch with Terry at [email protected].

Any member wanting to promote their services, or sell their products can purchase Banner Ads.  Seen by both members and web surfers alike, these ads are no longer just for our vendors.  For less than $1/day, you can reach a wide audience of both model makers and prospective clients!  Your ads will appear on each of the interior pages, and your company will be highlighted as a Sponsor on the Home Page.

The upcoming year will turn the focus of the APMM Board to attracting new members and widening our community of model makers.  We are in the early stages of a plan to increase awareness of APMM.  If you have connections to model makers in the various industry segments that we represent, or have a Vendor that would benefit from membership in APMM, please get in touch with me.  Working together, we can grow the organization as we plan for the 2020 Seattle Conference.  

I wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous 2019!


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