ENL 2016 Dec President's Letter


President's Letter

Peter Mack,       APMM President


It’s the middle of summer and I hope you all have had time for a little vacation—maybe visit friends or family for a little downtime. And like it or not schools will be back in session soon. This will be the first year for me in a very long time that I won’t have to worry what my local school system is doing. Both of my sons will be in college and away from home. My schedule is going to change as I will have a little bit more freedom. Maybe I should take on a new challenge or learn something new. 

This issue of the APMM e-Newsletter is focused on education. It’s a topic that’s important to me. Before I became President I was VP of Education. I took on that role because I hoped I could influence students learning about our profession. I’ve talked to many students in both High School and College about it takes to be a model maker and I’m always amazed at the energy students have and the big ideas that they have. When I go to one of the model making schools for a visit I always come away thinking our profession is headed in the right direction. The younger generation of model makers learning skills now have a whole new tool box to work from, very different than when I was in school.

These new tools that are available aren’t just limited to students. We all should be learning and sharing what we learn. In my last letter I encouraged you to use social media as a tool to communicate. I’m slowly getting the hang of Twitter and I hope you also have pushed yourself to try something new. I know all shops go through slow times. In our shop, we try to do cross training by having a resident expert in a topic host a class once a week for a few weeks so that other model makers can learn from their experience when there isn’t the rush of a deadline. I think this is a possibility for almost any size shop.

The point is to share what you know. Many times by doing this you are challenged in a way that you learn and grow also. I hope the rest of your summer is relaxing and as the new school year starts that you will look for an opportunity to learn something new or share something you know.

Pete Mack
APMM President