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 Subject : Re:Screen Cover for an Acrylic Cover.. 01/03/2020 06:01:04 PM 
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I have two possibilities for you. They are not film based.

1. Check your local auto parts store for a headlight rejuvenating system for plastic headlight covers. I have used these products before on vehicles with good results.

2. Look into something like the 3 step Novus Plastic Polishing system. We used this on a clear resin casting project many years back. The parts came out like glass. MSC sells it.


I'll contact my acrylic guys tomorrow to see what they might recommend.

Have fun,

Terry Wellman
St. Charles Model Works, Inc.
 Subject : Screen Cover for an Acrylic Cover.. 01/03/2020 05:06:56 PM 
Charles Overy
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Has anyone every tried to put a protective film cover on acrylic?
We delivered some models to hotel lobbies and the covers were $1000+ each. Typically they only last a year or so before they are pretty scratched up.

I was wondering if anyone had ever spec'ed a 3m roll film that is like the old (soft not glass) cell phone screen protectors. Something that could be applied in the field and last 6 to 12 months?

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