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 Subject : Re:ASME Pressure Pots.. 08/16/2022 09:35:56 AM 
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Graco 5 gallon pressure pot, ASME certified. https://pittsburghsprayequip.com/products/graco-236149-5-gallon-high-pressure-hvlp-pot?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgO2XBhCaARIsANrW2X3u_8K58I0Byiw7AU8croLuSrglSP2TzOe4gxIToeMOr_EvQuDrjXcaAt0OEALw_wcB

You can get them up to 15 gallon according to the Graco web site.
 Subject : ASME Pressure Pots.. 08/16/2022 08:46:44 AM 
William Rupe
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Does anyone know of a company making ASME rated pressure pots for casting? Our casting department is growing and we need expanded capacity. We are aware of R3 Manufacturing and are in the process of getting a few of their pots and they are great but lead times are long and was wondering if there is another manufacturer out there we should be aware of as well? We also use Binks pots so we know of those but we are hoping for a larger in-stock pot that we can source to get us up to speed a bit faster while still being a certified pot, we are not interested in anything that is not ASME stamped. Thanks!
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