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 Subject : Senior Model Maker - Attleboro, MA.. 03/25/2021 04:40:48 PM 
Ali Bono
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Summary - Job Responsibilities – Activities:

Senior Model Makers are responsible for the development and execution of the assigned projects or project assemblies. SMM should be proficient in all aspects of Prototype Development Model Making. This includes CAD development, Med-Tech knowledge, Model prep, Finishing and assemblies of finished models to established QA standards. Be able to work in team environment, as well work individually from start to finish on projects assigned. SMM’s should be responsible for all their own basic tools for fabrication and measuring. Materials and equipment for Finishing and Painting will be supplied by the company.

Education - Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Model Making or another relevant field
• Minimum 7 to 10 years in the trade with no less 3 years at a Senior Level or equivalent

Required Skills, Competencies, Authorities and Training Needs:

• Strong working knowledge and experience using a variety of materials such as 3D Resin Parts, model board, wood, metal, plastics, urethanes, and other similar materials
• Strong working knowledge of Model Shop equipment such as saws, milling machines, routers, jointers, drill press, sanders and band tools, laser cutters
• Proficient skill set in using CAD software development. Solid Works experience is a plus.
• Experience in using Paint systems that include Urethane paint or equivalent materials
• Strong Model finishing skill set. This includes all Model Prep for Finish, Fit and Function prior to Paint Operations.
• Problem solving skills both Creative and Logical for sound model making/prototyping principles
• Detail-oriented and have the ability to work proactively and effectively with minimal supervision
• Organizational and analytical skills with attention to detail and quality
• Manages multiple tasks concurrently
• Understands client’s needs as they relate to model making and/or prototyping
• Model Shop safety procedures for shop and individual tool use
• Works collaboratively and professionally with other associates to achieve project goals
• Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

Please send resumes to [email protected].
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