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 Subject : Architectural Model Maker.. 08/01/2018 06:56:36 PM 
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International Award Winning Architectural design firm is seeking a model maker to support our model department lead.

EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS • Software: AutoCAD, Rhino and/or 3Dstudio Max, Adobe CS • Reading and interpreting architecture drawings • Preparing files, operating and maintaining universal laser cutting systems • Preparing files, operating, and maintaining 3DS projet 660Pro or similar powder-based 3D printing systems • Traditional carpentry tools-table saw, band saw, disk sanders, etc. • Building a variety of architecture models (topography, landscape, study, presentation, etc.) in different materials including wood, paper, Styrofoam and acrylic • Hand cutting and assembly of architecture models Additionally, experience with the following is also helpful: • Working in professional design environment • Fine art shipping and transportation • Painting and sculpting • Fine woodworking

Candidates should also have a strong love of model making and desire to develop their career along the path. Former professional experience is preferred, but recent graduates with the required experience would also be considered. Attention to detail, ability to work unsupervised as well as among a team, and a creative problem solving are all essential traits for a successful model maker.
Contact: Daissy
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