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 Subject : Re:granite surface plate.. 10/14/2018 03:51:13 AM 
Jill Kenik
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Lisa--I've used U-Ship, https://www.uship.com/ several times to move impossibly heavy, awkward items. Post what the item is, including size and weight, where it's coming from and going to, and wait for bids to come in. Funds are held in escrow until confirmation of delivery takes place. No crazy packing needed. Nothing but good experiences with them.
 Subject : Re:granite surface plate.. 10/13/2018 10:50:35 PM 
Lisa Gemmiti
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Hi Cindy, Maybe you sold it? Where are you located? Seams impossible to move, but we need one; I am curious...
 Subject : granite surface plate.. 08/14/2018 06:35:50 PM 
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Selling solid black granite surface plate, 48"x 58"x 3 1/2" thick, plus base. Excellent condition. Asking $800. Sells for $2000.
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