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 Subject : Re:Router Tables.. 01/02/2023 11:24:14 AM 
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Thanks Dusty and Alika---very helpful.
Being primarily a metalsmithing shop, my table saw is poor and on the list to upgrade, but I appreciate the collet reference.

I took advantage of Jessem's 15% off sale and ordered their Mast-R-Lift II package. I also looked at Incra, Rockler and Woodpecker, but the Jessem engineering/design seemed an excellent fit for my needs

Within weeks, Jessem will release a 3-1/2 hp purpose-built router at $500. Probably I will wait for that--the air flow and bearing design at a fair price point has my attention. It was helpful to hear what the industry standard was to give me a starting point.


Again, thank you! It is great to have the forum as a resource to lean on.
 Subject : Re:Router Tables.. 12/30/2022 06:29:44 PM 
Alika Brooks
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Hi Jill. We have 2 Woodpeckers Premium Router tables and Porter Cable 7518 routers. They come with their V2 Premium Router Lift that we like very much. We have the MDF top as opposed to the more "premium" phenolic tops. The MDF top does have a slightly textured laminate on it, not bare MDF. The 7518 router is probably overkill for your needs but it is the industry standard professional router and will last you a long time. Woodpeckers has smaller router options available. These have served our production woodshop very well for the last 6 years. One thing to note is that Woodpeckers does not offer very good dust collection compared to others. https://www.woodpeck.com/woodpeckers-premium-router-package-prp-3.html

JessEm is known to be the crème de la crème of router tables, especially their router lifts. I don't have personal experience using them but know several shops that would not use anything else. They are very sought after on the used market. This is probably what I would buy for myself.

Rockler has several good options as well. Some are rebranded Woodpeckers and JessEm models, some import copies. https://www.rockler.com/power-tools/routers/router-tables/router-table-packages

As far as routers go, I only have experience with the porter cable 7518 and small handheld trim routers. In my opinion, its all about the bearings, and you get what you pay for.

Like David mentioned, precision collets are nice to have and worth the investment, especially for small parts and good surface finishes. If you ever use solid carbide bits, they are a must.
 Subject : Re:Router Tables.. 12/30/2022 12:51:48 PM 
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Even though you make small items - you may have a table saw. My Unisaw has a Biesemeyer fence and I added a router to the space on right of the main table. Used a .5" thick plexiglass sheet inserted into the side table to hang the router from. There are special low run-out collets for routers from Precisebits.com (https://www.precisebits.com/gateways/ColletsNutsHome.htm), and above-table router height adjusters (e.g., BOSCH RA1165) which allow easy raising and lowering the bit height.
 Subject : Router Tables.. 12/30/2022 11:56:09 AM 
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I'm in the market for a router table and new router. Prefer freestanding over benchtop. It won't get daily use, but I need good accuracy, easy setup and simple tool change/adjustments. My work continues to be fairly small---typically smaller than a bread box.

So far, I'm at the Kreg PRS1045 table, which is about $600 without the router. Certainly willing to go higher in price if justified.

Also need recommendation for the router. Again, I'm not making large furniture---can't see making any crazy tall profiles so likely don't require heavy hp, but again would be grateful for suggestions.
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