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 Subject : Re:Re:Alternatives to cellulose paints?.. 01/23/2020 11:16:23 AM 
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We have been using PPG Envirobase paint refinish system for a few years now. The good things about this water based system is color matching and consistency is excellent and there is very little waste. Bad things are long drying times/force drying and it has to be top coated with a clear finish, which can be water based too now. Color eye-matches done with the PPG solvent-based (we use PPG Deltron) do not translate over to the water-based system and we do a lot of eye-matching for color development.
All the little tricks with textures, fogging, touch-up have to be re-acquired when you switch.
There are other water-based paint systems out there like Cardinal. Someone else can comment about those.
 Subject : Re:Alternatives to cellulose paints?.. 01/23/2020 10:08:25 AM 
Andrew Renwick
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Sorry I don’t know of the current best versions for either the UK or USA. But I will say
It all depends on whether you ‘HAVE to’ or “want to’
I have worked in this field for nearly 40 years. And until you ‘HAVE to’, Cellulose is by far the best.
We had a system that we ‘had’ to use in California which was so-so but as soon as there was a way around the ban everyone went back to Cellulose. I also remember it was much more expensive.
Some just use rattle cans – some brands are better than others for the environment. However rattle cans take a different skill to use, when painting intricate models, and I have not mastered that skill. Give me a spray guy any day.

Try contacting some car paint suppliers, I thought the automotive industry had moved away from cellulose a long while ago.
I would be interested to read the out come
 Subject : Alternatives to cellulose paints?.. 01/23/2020 06:06:12 AM 
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I'm interested to find out if anyone has transitioned from cellulose paints to a water based / acrylic system?
I am from a UK University where we currently mix and spray cellulose paints but are trying to replace cellulose with a less hazardous alternative.
Has anyone made this transition or have relevant knowledge to share?

Arts University Bournemouth
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