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 Subject : Painting silicone.. 07/10/2018 02:28:53 AM 
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We all hope we never have to do it, but things happen. Here is some wisdom from the MILE that may help.

Does anyone have any tricks for getting paint to stick to silicone? We need to paint production over molded housings... Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, - Amy Mannisto

Try Smooth-On's Psycho Paint. Specially designed to paint silicone
https://www.smooth-on.com/product-line/psycho-paint/ Haven't needed to try it... so I don't know. Sounds like fun, though!
Good luck - Jennifer Shorb

The best thing for painting silicone is...silicone. I never did it myself, but the folks in the special effects industry do it all the time. Silicones, solvents, primers and a tip sheet are all available from Burman Industries https://www.burmanfoam.com/ Not exactly in your backyard, but there may be a similar type of company in New York.
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