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 Subject : Re:Electroplating and/or Anodizing Vendor Recommendations?.. 01/27/2022 11:55:01 AM 
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Hi Michael,

You might want to take a look at these guys. A client turned me onto them. They do good work.



 Subject : Electroplating and/or Anodizing Vendor Recommendations?.. 01/27/2022 10:24:57 AM 
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Does anybody have recommendations for reliable plating or anodizing houses capable of quick turnaround and attention to detail on very small quantity jobs?

I do this stuff in-house at Garmin, but currently I'm the only one that does and the process has become so vital to our appearance models that my team leader wants to make sure we have a backup resource on hand just in case something were to happen to me. Training another team member here around regular duties will take time, so we're on the lookout for outside vendors that could do the work in a pinch. Local shops have proven to be inadequate for the unique demands of finely finished one-off prototype parts.

Have any of you had positive experiences with shops you'd recommend?
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