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 Subject : Elastomeric Coatings.. 11/06/2018 04:08:16 PM 
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A little off-topic, but I consider APMM the brain trust, so thought I would give it a try.

Trying to find a solution to cover/seal cracks in a new exterior stucco wall for an historical structure restoration project that I occasionally volunteer with. The contractor didn't allow the stucco to cure as per building code standards between coats 2 and 3, and the wall has developed hairline cracks, which he claims aren't not his fault. Of course its a pass the buck blame game.

Legal responsibility aside, there's a suggestion that we use an elastomeric coating, with elongation properties of 200%. The application procedure is very fussy. The contractor's suggestion is a 1 part Sherwin Williams product. This doesn't sound right--doesn't seem like enough flex based on the amount of opening of hairline cracks that I'm observing.

If elastomeric fails, the removal process is a nightmare, since its too rubbery to be sandblasted or power washed off.

Does anyone know of a really top grade product that I should have a look at, or a coatings expert that I could speak with?
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