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 Subject : Re:Go to CA glue.. 03/25/2022 09:13:17 AM 
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I use Zap-A-Gap. Thick and Medium.
It works as it should.
It's unusual that I need the thin stuff.
I buy a box of 12 of the smallest bottles and end up throwing away most of it. I do not use it daily.

Typical shop scenario: I find a tipped over bottle in a messy pool of goo stuck to several tools on the bench, or opened bottles turn into bricks by the time I need to use it again...

I know it's a necessary adhesive for us, but I don't really like the stuff.

I think the architects here use it more to fix their glasses than I do for project needs.

Definately use the spray accelerator/catalyzer. It is a must.

My two cents...

 Subject : Re:Go to CA glue.. 03/24/2022 03:34:42 PM 
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I'm also curious what brands people are happy with. I don't use CA often for projects so I prefer buying in the smallest bottles possible (regular sized bottles will gel up and over half the bottle will go to waste before I get around to using it up). Currently using the Micromark house brand because it's what someone in my shop ordered last but the bottles are far too large and the default lid is of the tapered variety that gets mangled or sealed up with glue (or both). Glue seems fine but the default applicator tip is junk. Wouldn't recommend unless you go through the stuff very quickly.
 Subject : Re:Go to CA glue.. 03/23/2022 05:06:04 PM 
Alika Brooks
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I have used ZAP (Pacer/Robart) for years. It seems to be a very consistent product and I like that the tip is sized to fit inside Luer-Lock style tips that a readily available everywhere. Out woodshop used 2P10 since it comes is larger quantities.
 Subject : Go to CA glue.. 03/23/2022 04:37:11 PM 
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What is everyone's go to CA glue for general applications? I like 2P10 thick for most jobs and 2P10 thin when I need the wicking effect. What brands and versions are you using?
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