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 Subject : Re:Re:Freeform User's Group--Conference and Beyond.. 01/31/2020 04:26:25 PM 
Jill Kenik
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Welcome to the forums and to APMM Thomas.
Confirming I'm referring to the Geomagic/3D Systems/Sensable Technology product.

Diane has mentioned specifically Artec scanning in to Freeform as something wonderful to see. We can request that be addressed and see what she can do to accommodate.

Acropolis Studios' forte is very organic modeling--classical ornamentation---lots of leaves, scrolls and animals. I tried out Solidworks and understand there is a clean workflow between that and Freeform, but SW was too mechanical for the work I do.
 Subject : Re:Freeform User's Group--Conference and Beyond.. 01/31/2020 04:16:35 PM 
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Hello all.

Fairly new to the APMM and this is my first forum post. Hopefully it works.

So assuming this Freeform you speak of is the Geomagic product, I've seen it in demonstration with 3D scanning devices that we've taken an interest in but have never committed to and it appears to be a useful product. I was unaware (and this is assuming this is the same product) that this software was used in the manner that Jill Kenik described. Here at Schmit we don't do a lot of self designed organic parts and with Solidworks as our main design software I don't believe we would want to.

In looking to broaden and reengage our modeling services I think that this is something I would be interested in learning more about. I will be there at the conference and would like to try out the equipment.

Thomas Hill
 Subject : Re:Freeform User's Group--Conference and Beyond.. 01/31/2020 03:35:30 PM 
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Welcome Diane!

I am a current Freeform user, will be attending the conference, and am very much interested in a workshop at the conference and forum for all of the other times.

Freeform is my main software for developing concepts. We are moving towards more surface modeling (Rhino), but Freeform is still the best tool for me to quickly create, iterate, and 3D print watertight parts, and then move on to a surface model.

I don't participate in the forum often, but I would be happy to give input and ask questions on Freeform topics.

I hope to see lots of you at the conference!
 Subject : Freeform User's Group--Conference and Beyond.. 01/31/2020 01:22:14 PM 
Jill Kenik
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We now have a Freeform expert as part of our professional membership. Welcome to Diane Edinger!

For current Freeform users within APMM, or members that have an interest in learning this software package we're interested in starting a forum community. Diane also will be providing a conference workshop, but needs direction based on the experience level of our membership.

I've been a user more than 15 years. Allowing me to sculpt digitally, it's an everyday tool for me. Easily partnered with my CNC milling and 3D printing.

Would you please chime in and let us know:
1. If you are a current Freeform user, and if so, do you plan to be at the conference?

2. If you are not a user, would you be interested in trying out the haptic device and software at conference?

From your responses, we'll develop an appropriate direction for the conference workshop and see what can be done to use our forum for future discussions.
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