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 Subject : Re:Eora 3D--Scanning with your Smart Phone.. 09/19/2018 04:34:27 PM 
Charles Overy
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I had tried Qlone - a phone based app for small objects. You print an alignment grid and then use phone based photogrammetrics, no laser, to scan the objet. We also have a David scanner which uses structured light.

My guess is that all of these low cost systems are OK for documenting an object but not for accurately reproducing something. My limited understanding is that the physical alignment of the camera (s), projector/laser very important and that the alignment in the field is not a great substitute for actually having the alignment built in.

I hope I am wrong. It would be great to have a useful low to mid priced scanning solution as it is something that is useful to us every now and again but hard to make money at $20K+

 Subject : Eora 3D--Scanning with your Smart Phone.. 07/23/2018 02:55:07 PM 
Jill Kenik
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Eora 3D is a Kickstarter company that is developing a photogrammetry process using green light laser and the camera on your cell phone.

I joined on as a beta tester, but my early results were frustrating, having spent hours trying to calibrate the machine. End result was that i received thousands of disjointed points floating in space with no way to stitch it all together. I haven't had the motivation to try again.

I know Eora 3D has made lots of updates since the first release and there are supposed to be a lot of their devices out for use.

Anyone using the system? What sort of results are achieved?

Looking for a reason to spend more time trying to get this working--
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