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 Subject : Different Ways to Attend VCON 2022.. 02/21/2022 10:47:43 AM 
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Hi All,

We know some of you have unpredictable schedules and might not want to register for the March conference because you're afraid of missing all the events and not getting your money's worth. Well, fear not - registered attendees can watch all the workshops, tours and speaker sessions whenever they like! It will all be on YouTube, and you'll get a link to each one.

What about the live chat during the conference? It's true most of that won't be recorded. On the other hand, there'll be a Zoom room open for pretty much the entire time Friday and Saturday so you can feel free to drop in for a few minutes now and then and see who's around. We had lots of people in those rooms between sessions and there was always something interesting being discussed.

So, take a look at the line-up for the conference and consider whether you really want to miss out on seeing and hearing about these useful and/or fascinating topics, and talking about them and more with other model makers. Hope to see you at the conference!
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