Justify your attendance at the 2022 Virtual Conference (or any professional development event, for that matter)

Here's how to ask your Manager, company Decision Maker or Business Partner to approve your attending the APMM's VCON2022

Hello (Manager/Decision Maker/Business Partner),
I'd like to make plans to attend the Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) Virtual Conference March 18-19, 2022. This event, exclusively designed for professional model makers, offers skill building workshops, tours of professional model shops, opportunities to speak with vendors and suppliers, plus meet-up with other professionals.
There are learning modules led by senior model makers and business owners. These subject-matter-experts are sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience in a way that is generally not available anywhere else.
Another unique aspect of APMM Conferences are the Model Shop Tours. I will get a behind-the-scenes looks at how other model makers do their work. It's a great way to benchmark successful shops and learn some best practices that we can put to use in our shop right away.
APMM Conferences bring together model makers from all across the country who are facing the same challenges as me. This will be a great opportunity for me to bring that knowledge back and utilize it for projects in our shop. It will also allow me to network with new vendors and connect with other shops that can provide resources that we can utilize. 
Expense is always a concern but because this is a virtual event it gives us an opportunity to participate at a lower rate. Since it’s virtual our only expense would be the registration fee of $200. 
The APMM is a non-profit formed specifically for the purpose of representing and uniting model makers, and their virtual conference is an opportunity for me to tap into that resource. Thanks for taking the time to consider this request which will give me professional development opportunities and bring real-world benefits into our model shop.
(your name)


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