Should You Attend the APMM's 2020 Conference?

Spoiler Alert - the Answer is YES!

SUBMITTED BY bruce willey, conference vp

You have to come to Seattle in March for our 2020 Conference! Why you? Every single model maker has something important to contribute to make the entire group more productive and successful. You have a special set of skills. Some, or even many, of the methods you use to do your work are the best way to perform a task or process. There is a tremendous diversity of skills and experience among model makers, so the more of us we can get together, the better our chances are of finding all these “best way” solutions.

The model maker’s purpose may seem to be as simple as “make models”, but since none of us make the same models, that doesn’t capture the advantage of getting us all together. All professional model makers have to be ready and able to make something that has never been made before and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is our common purpose.

You’ve had to acquire the abilities, tools and materials to do the work. You’ve had to interpret requests that come in and generate action plans from them. You’ve needed to manage your resources and activities to be safe and profitable. You’ve learned from your mistakes and your triumphs. Other model makers have done the same and comparing the different methods we use can only benefit everybody. Bringing our Diversity of Methods together is the best way to serve our Unity of Purpose.

Snoozeless in Seattle

It’s still over 7 months away, but a lot of things are coming together to make Seattle 2020 an exciting, action-packed conference! Our tour plans are being finalized and there will be an announcement about them within a few weeks. We have two of Seattle’s (or dare I say America’s - or even the World’s!) biggest, most influential companies pretty well locked-in as destinations. Hint: they don’t really involve coffee or books, but models and prototypes play an important part of their business.

You have spoken and we have listened. We are creating a very diverse collection of workshops for you to choose from. The themes of Technology/Craft, Business/Management and Career/Development will each have a number of presenters and panel discussions. There will also be Product Demonstrations to get you up-to-date on what our vendors are offering. Most of the workshops are presented by you, the APMM members, so feel free to volunteer to give one or two, and/or lead a panel discussion or roundtable on a topic. You can choose the topic or use one that is suggested. Don’t forget we give the presenter of a workshop (on approved topics) a crisp $100 bill for their efforts.

We’ll be updating topics as they are suggested and giving details on workshops that are finalized on the Forums page of the website.

For now, our list of topic suggestions includes:

  • Laser Cutters
  • Metal 3D Printing
  • Photographing Models
  • Promotion/Marketing/Advertising
  • Build Programming and/or Post-Processing Tips
  • Sanding and Finishing
  • Molding and Casting
  • Electronics/Lighting
  • Starting a Model Shop

In the hopes of having a triumphant return of the popular My Favorite Things workshop, please consider sending in one or more blurbs about the tool or material you can’t live without, accompanied by a picture and a link on where to get it. We’ll post where to send that to shortly.

We plan to bring in technical expertise for a number of workshops including:

  • Cyber-Security for Businesses
  • Project Management Software
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • OSHA
  • and maybe some other business issues like Taxes and Healthcare

We also care about your personal health, so expect a session or two on exercise by a practitioner of Quigong. (Because Yoga is just so twenty-tens) If there is something from the “outside world” that you’d like to see addressed by a knowledgeable person, suggest it in the Forum.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see more conference details such as who the Keynote Speaker will be, places we'll be visiting on Tours, and which Vendors are going to attend.

Anyone can suggest a vendor or service/product they’d like to see represented at the conference. To entice you, we're offering a prize to one lucky individual. If you have a vendor in mind, and you can send us contact information for a person who we could talk to about coming to the conference, your name will be put in a drawing for a valuable prize! Sorry, [email protected] or [email protected] or anything like that are not what we have in mind as “people”. If you have questions, email [email protected] which is actually a real person – our own Samanthi Martinez!

So, in summary: watch the website and keep an eye out for Forum posts with updates, suggest Workshop topics, share your Vendors and pick out your submission for My Favorite Thing.

See you in Seattle!
~ Bruce


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