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Have you ever wondered...

  • What kind of epoxy will glue Nylon together?
  • If there is a company out there that builds big vacuum chambers?
  • Where you can locate 1:40 scale cars?
  • What tools and methods other model shops out there are implementing?
  • How to modify a panel hoist or install LED lighting?

Maybe you have, maybe you will in the future... These are but a few of the questions that real life model makers ask one another within APMM forums every day.

In a way everyone is a model maker, we all love to take our ideas and see them come to life. But there are very few who can take it to the next step. TheAaron Swanson, Jamie Dullinger, Barb Bergren, Cody Reilly - Bemidji State University talent and skill required to translate your imagination into physical reality comes with experience and education. It is very likely that if you've made it to this education and development section, you are ready to build or continue the advanced skills of fabrication techniques and knowledge of best materials to do the job. In this section, the Association of Professional Model Makers aids you in pursuing careers and developing your education in the field of model making, and related industries.

The APMM's Education and Career Guide Forum is a resource for exchanging the information and ideas to manage the pool of talent and opportunities available for continued learning and employment needs. Within you will find options that can enhance communication between designers, model makers, employers and educators to support the advancement of your growth with model making tools, technologies and trade-craft to develop and achieve your professional goals.

The field of model making is as diverse as it is interesting with a unique industry of architectural, automotive, consumer products, displays and dioramas, engineering prototypes, film/special effects, industrial design and toy sculpting.

Our dedication is to secure the future of model making while honoring traditional methods. Resource and development in education opportunities as well as direction for career aspirations are an essential component in the model making industry's growth. To do so our goals are:

  • Fostering alliances between educational institutions and model making businessesUniversal Services Associates, Inc. - TCOM, LP
  • Offering training and continuing education through conference workshops and regional training seminars
  • Enabling resource sharing between professional members via the MILE online forum
  • Promoting peer-to-peer communication via online Q&A forum
  • Facilitating internship and career advancement opportunities for student and professional members

With an international community of nearly 800 professional model makers, students, educational institutions, freelancers and corporations, the APMM is the only organization exclusively for professional Model Makers. There is no better place for the brightest and most experienced professionals, students, educators, and the best vendors of materials and equipment in the field to interact and share ideas.

It is our hope that with these resources and opportunities, the Association of Professional Model Makers Education and Career Guide Forum will become recognized as an essential component and driving force in the realization of model maker's learning and professional development.

Questions? contact VP of Education Peter Mack, at [email protected]