Because model makers aren't robots!
They are real people who like to get out and SEE, DO, EAT and DRINK when the Conference day is done.



  • Hardwick & Sons - What kind of cosmic coincidence would place this amazing place on the same block as our hotel? Maybe when they established the "absolutely magical" store (see actual review by visitor on Facebook) in 1932, they had the prescience to know that 88 years later model makers, who would infinitely appreciate one of the most comprehensive collections of tools for just about any use under the sun, would be gathering in the same neighborhood. We're working on getting them to stay open slightly past their 6 PM closing time so that we can get in to experience this one-of-a-kind establishment... fingers crossed! 
  • The Spheres - Part of Amazon's Seattle headquarters, the Spheres are a result of innovative thinking about the character of a workplace and an extended conversation about what is typically missing from urban offices– a direct link to nature. The Spheres are home to more than 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries. If you would like to see the interior of this massive glass ball, you must register in advance for a tour. But anyone can stroll by and gawk at any time... Just sayin'!
  • Seattle Underground Tour - If you've walked the streets of Seattle and think it is all coffee, eclectic foods, gorgeous open spaces, rainbow crosswalks and public art, you haven't see the half of it! Check out what goes on under the streets with the famous Underground Seattle tour that takes you on a stroll through history. There are several tour companies - do the research and find the best fit, but Bill Spiedel's is the original!
  • BARN: Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network - With the mission to build and support an open, intergenerational community of artisans and makers who are dedicated to learning, teaching, sharing, and inspiring one another with creativity, craftsmanship and community service, BARN is using craft as a magnet to bring together people who would not normally know one another or have opportunities to collaborate. It is no wonder that APMM's own multi-talented Chris Stanley is an active member of this community! He has offered to give a personally guided tour to any APMM Conference attendee who would like to visit BARN. Contact Chris direct at [email protected] if interested.

Other noteworthy sights:



  • Korean Tofu House (University District) – Great Korean food
  • Guanaco's Tacos & Pupuseria (University District) – The best pupusas in the city
  • 45th Street Stop and Shop (Wallingford) – Serving poké bowls inside a convenience store. Seriously, skip all the other recommendations and go here
  • The Whale Wins (Wallingford) – Good place for snacks and drinks
  • A La Mode (Green Lake) – Delicious homemade pie
  • No Bones Beach Club (Ballard) – Everything is tasty, and it’s vegan! Great brunch spot
  • Taylor Shellfish (multiple locations) – Serving oysters from estuaries all over the Washington coast and beyond
  • Araya's Place (Madison) – Great Thai food, vegan
  • Ivar's Fish Bar (multiple locations) – The Ivar’s chain is locally famous. Satisfying seafood and chowder



  • Victrola Coffee (multiple locations) – Part of Seattle’s famous coffee scene
  • Herkimer Coffee (multiple locations) – Part of Seattle’s famous coffee scene
  • Slate Coffee (multiple locations) – Probably the most refined coffee in Seattle
  • Bottlehouse (Madrona) – Wine bar with snacks
  • Chuck's Hop Shop (Central District) – HUGE beer selection. Don’t miss it
  • Capitol Cider (Capitol Hill) – Offering great cider and dinner, entirely gluten-free
  • Optimism Brewing (Capitol Hill) – A great spot for hanging out with a beer or three
  • Canon (Capitol Hill) – Very fancy cocktails that you might drink out of a glass bird’s backside



Email [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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