Our 2018 Conference in Grand Rapids featured local area tours, workshop sessions and presentations, networking and social events, an expo with vendors and suppliers and a great keynote speaker! We also hosted our biennial Student Model Making Competition. The winners took home prizes, but the rest of us got to see some amazing models made by up-and-coming model makers.

We hope you were there to experience the excitement and inspiration found at a Conference of model makers, but if you weren't... here's some of what took place.





As we've done at recent Conferences, we've taken an after-hours tour to makerspaces in the local area. This time, we were able to visit the Geek Group in Grand Rapids.

There, we were treated to the Grand Tour of their 43.000 square foot facility, which included the High Voltage Lab to see their Tesla coil in action. Between the tools, video labs, equipment, workshops, materials, robotics, spare parts and shared know-how, it was a maker's dream! There was even a gift shop to buy some of the items members create there.




A Big THANK YOU to Our Event Sponsors: