APMM Stuff

Nothing says, "I'm a Model Maker" better than some APMM-branded stuff. It may be just stickers now, but who knows what's next?  "Make Model Making Great (Again)" Hats?  Custom APMM X-Acto knives?  ... hmmm... let's start with the stickers!








Contribute $5.00 to receive 2 APMM #getpaidtomake stickers










Hapco, Inc. is proud to announce the recent launch of our new website. We believe that this new website offers cleaner presentation and more user friendly navigation representing a significant improvement over the old site. Along with the new design, we've incorporated some helpful tools that will aid the user in finding the best product for their application. We've also reorganized the product pages in a way that makes important content visible to those looking for it.