2019 Winter Newsletter







Member Profile: Michael Elsholz

As Manager of the Model Shop at Steelcase, Mike oversees a large team of model makers.

Submitted by Sue Wellman 

Although Mike began his career in engineering, he is now responsible for a group of 29 model makers at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, MI. His career in model making began when he accepted the role of Manager of the Steelcase Model Shop. When Mike was going to school for engineering he didn’t realize that model making was a career option. He found this out only when he was hired by Steelcase and began working with the model shop to have prototype models built for the projects that he was engineering.






A Visit to the Newly Expanded and Upgraded Facilities of NWTC

In November, Peter Mack attended the fall advisory board meeting at NWTC and toured the "incredible" new facilities

Submitted by Peter Mack

Have you ever thought about going back to school? That thought crossed my mind after seeing the new shop and classrooms at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). In November I went to NWTC for the fall advisory board meeting.





Vendor Spotlight: Sika Advanced Resins

Sika Advanced Resins, our newest vendor, provides a full line of innovative epoxies, resins, urethanes, tooling boards, tooling pastes, and silicones within the composite industry. 

With access to more than 20 Global Technology Centers across the world, Sika Advanced Resins has the ability to provide R&D, in-house testing and servicing to meet specific application needs for any customer.

Get to Know our New Website

Post Conference 2018 brought some much needed updating to the APMM image and to the manner in which we communicate within the community.  We have a new logo, T-shirts to show off that logo, a community forum, and, as of late December, a brand new website!  

submitted by Jill Kenik, APMM PRESIDENT 

I want to again thank Samanthi and the APMM Board of Directors for their countless hours of work on the site update, and highlight to the membership some of the new features.





Avoid (Those Other) Shop Hazards

There are "other" shop hazards that can plague model makers - learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Submitted by Samanthi Martinez

Model makers are good at avoiding repetitive task injuries and over-exertion in their daily routine, but repetitive or sustained awkward postures may not be as easy to recognize when concentrating over a programming task or finishing a part.







Help us Name our Newsletter! 

Everyone likes a contest so here's one for you...

We'd like to come up with a clever name for our quarterly online newsletter so we thought we'd ask our members to give it a name.




New Polling Feature Needs You!

There is a new feature on the APMM website. We have a monthly poll question to help us gather data about our members. This month’s poll concerns the upcoming APMM Seattle 2020 Conference. Please take a look and give us your answer!

Submitted by Terry Wellman

Did you know that we run a monthly poll? You might be asking yourself, why would the APMM run polls? Well, the answer is simple. 





A Fun 3D Printing Project Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again

Looking for a weekend project that's fun and easy? Learn how to convert your cellphone into a digital plotting toy using 3D printing technology. 



Our T-shirt campaign was such a success, we've brought it back again. Here's another chance to have a coveted APMM T-shirt or sweatshirt.