2018 Fall Newsletter

Member Profile: Sharad Dahake 
of Ideal Mockups, Nagpur, India

Submitted by Sue Wellman and Sharad Dahake


Sharad Dahake and his wife Vaishali Dahake


We met Sharad while he was attending his first APMM conference in Grand Rapids and we wanted to find out more about him and his company. Here are the questions we asked and his answers:


1. Why did you start your company Ideal Mockups? What was your inspiration to start it?

 As an industrial designer practicing for almost 12 years, it was never my ambition to start a model making company, though I had a passion for model making. While working with multinational companies, I used to struggle a lot to get good quality mock-ups done in India.



Women in Model Making:
Dani Mason 

Submitted by Sue Wellman and Dani Mason

As Marketing Director for B9 Creations, Dani Mason has an interesting perspective on the model making industry.

While not a model maker, Dani Mason has an interesting view of model making as Marketing Director for B9Creations in Rapid City, South Dakota. B9Creations is a global provider of 3D printing and 3D scanning solutions that serves the model making industry. Dani has been there for a little over a year.



Vendor Spotlight: Shipandinsure.com, a preferred Shipping Insurance Program for APMM Members

Submitted by Elaine Lockard, Shipandinsure.com

Online processing simplifies the purchase of premium with rates substantially lower than regular carrier rates.


Call for Images of Models
Submitted by Jill Kenik

The APMM Board is busy working on our new website, which will be ready by the end of the year.  The new site will feature a Member Slideshow and here's your opportunity to help the association, and show off your best model making projects!

Any member in good standing, including students, can submit up to 3 images by November 10th.  There will be future calls for work, so if you aren't ready this time, there will be other opportunities to show off your projects. 

Your photos should be at least 290 pixels x 290 pixels with a minimum of 72 DPI resolution.  Please make certain your submission will look good cropped square, or go ahead and crop the image for us before submitting.  Only single view images will be used--no collages.

We've mocked up a sample slideshow for this newsletter so you can see how this will look.  This is a great way for the APMM to show the world the talent and diversity of our membership.  


Send your photos to [email protected] along with the member model maker or company name, title of the project, and a brief description if appropriate.  Include your best contact email address in case we have questions.

The slideshow will be updated from time to time, and depending on response, we may not be able to use all of the photos right away.  APMM reserves the right to select images from the pool submitted.


Help us launch the new site with your contributions!




Association of Professional Model Makers

Fall 2018 Newsletter


Making APMM
Information Resources
Work Better for YOU

Submitted by Jill Kenik


Working on rebuilding the APMM website has given me a chance to find several information resources that I simply didn’t know were available.  I’m happy to share what I’ve learned—I can’t believe I was missing some of this and thought some of you might be missing it as well.  

Read more on my TIPS to fine tune your APMM Communications experience...

Update your Profile and Add a Photo

Make the Forums Act like the MILE

How Do I Find an Old MILE Discussion?

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Hurry to take advantage of some cool APMM t-shirts and sweatshirts!
Submitted by Terry Wellman

Click this link to find out more about how you can buy APMM garments with our new logo on them.



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Association of Professional Model Makers

Fall 2018 Newsletter


President's Letter

Jill Kenik, President of the APMM


When Friday evening finally arrives at the end of a busy week with my family, often communicating only through text messages, there’s one event in our house that has risen to top priority.  No matter what, our teenage son gets together with his friends on Friday evening.  Driver’s license in hand, a little cash from his after school job in his wallet, his car sitting in the driveway with a full tank of gas, he walks with happy anticipation across the living room, grabs one last snack, drops his car keys and wallet on the kitchen table and heads for his room for a long evening of laughter and camaraderie with a half dozen classmates over online video games.

Wow! Times sure have changed since I was a teenager heading out for yet another pizza on Friday night.  Parents of my generation struggled to get teenagers home and secure by a “reasonable” hour.  Now, we parents struggle to get the teens out of the house for real, actual, face-to-face get-togethers.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking (okay, worrying) about kids not leaving the house. Despite what we all hear about too much screen time, our teenager is getting together, interacting, sharing, laughing and talking with actual people. Not strangers, but kids that he knows.  It’s only that the method of socializing has changed.  On the upside, there’s much less worrying about them driving home on icy roads, or ending up where they should not. The world of my youth is different than the world of today.  Not better, not necessarily worse, just different.

What remains paramount isn’t the “how” of communicating, but the communication itself.  Our son has a community hangout—a place where he is comfortable, interested, engaged, challenged.   I have a place to hang out too—with the APMM community!  

As a long-time member of APMM, I relish the times we come together for conferences and regret the conferences that I’ve missed.  There’s the joy of catching up with old friends, or finally putting a face to someone on the MILE, but the best part is sharing experiences, skills and knowledge with a community that really understands the challenges of our profession.  

But what about the time in between conferences?  What happens to our community then?  How do we keep the momentum going?  The answer is simple, really.  We follow the cues of our teenagers. We embrace technology and communicate!      

On August 1, the APMM Forum opened as the primary means for members to communicate with each other.  The MILE is still available for emergency requests, but the forums create a permanent library with a searchable base of knowledge and a better opportunity for community participation. The forum won’t clutter up your email inbox with conversations that may not apply to you, or worse, that nasty junk mail.  

So that covers the technical side of APMM, but what about the all-important social side?  After all, we are more than just a professional community.  Through shared passions, we are also a social organization filled with true friendships and alliances.  Have you noticed that Community and Communicate share the same prefix COM, meaning “together”?  Socializing, whether over pizza and beer on conference opening night, on the bus ride to a tour, or with a quick post on the forum, is an important part of being a member.  To promote the social community, APMM has just added a Member Milestone forum to the Members Only forums.  Use it, along with the Grab Bag work sharing forum, to keep us all up to date on your work AND life.

I also want to point out the APMM Suggestion Box forum, found in the Members Only category.  If you have a suggestion, idea or even a complaint, you can start a discussion there.  Thank Dennis Heinzeroth for getting the T-Shirts with our new logo started, by stepping up and making a suggestion.  This is YOUR association; the board is in place to assemble, manage and share ideas that will help us as a community and profession.  If you prefer to discuss an idea privately, you can contact any of our board members, or drop an email to me at [email protected], but most importantly, communicate!

Together the APMM represents true brilliance in thinking and ideas.  As members, you need to communicate your ideas and see what our community can do with them!  Be bold and try posting a question, or sharing information through the forums.  Communicate for the Community!




Association of Professional Model Makers
Fall 2018 Newsletter


Watch the Keynote Speaker from Grand Rapids

Submitted by Joshua Munchow

2018 APMM Conference keynote speaker Mark McKenna describes what it's like to work hand-in-hand with model makers as a designer at Steelcase.

How important is oxygen to your body? This question helps describe how important models are to Steelcase. Listen in to hear Mark McKenna talk about the importance of models. Thanks to Joshua Munchow for creating this video for Youtube.


  Association of Professional Model Makers
Fall 2018 Newsletter




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