2017 Summer Newsletter

President's Letter

"No one understands the work a model maker does quite like another model maker. You are the expert. You have the knowledge. You have trained for years even if you didn’t realize it, and things you consider common everyday techniques are new ideas to others."


 A message for you, from Pete Mack, on what he believes the APMM is all about.





From the Editor

Hello APMM'ers!

We hope you are enjoying the new "blog" format of the APMM e-newsletters. Between having great content and lots of member input, this method makes the process of creating our quarterly issues more smooth and structured.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an article and/or shared their experiences as a model maker, over the past year. We look forward to hearing from others. We all love to see photos of your projects and know you have an interesting story to tell, so don't be shy - tell it!

Take a moment to let us know what you think and if there is something we can do to make it better. Thanks for reading!

Audrey Farrell
APMM Newsletter Editor

[email protected]




Member Profile: Alika Brooks

Alika Brooks has been a model maker for 10 years and currently works in the design services department of Meadors, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina. His first job in model making began as an internship with...



Do You Conference?

APMM member and current Secretary Bruce Willey was present at the very first APMM Conference in Redwood City, CA and is a veteran of many of our gatherings since then. He offers insight into why he's attended so many and what he finds of value.



Top 5 Reasons NOT to Present a Workshop

Great! You've convinced yourself that you won't be doing a workshop at the upcoming Conference. Awesome! We think we've come up with some great reasons not to do it, but see if these reasons compare with yours. If nothing else, you'll want to avoid the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that might come along with your choice.

Read on to be sure you're making the right move...



Women in Model Making: Becky Tappe

What Becky Tappe loves best about her career in model making is the variety. "You could be machining a part one day, making a mold, or welding the next. Nothing is the same and it always keeps you busy."


2018 Conference: Discover Grand Rapids!

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan and is located on the Grand River, 30 miles east of Lake Michigan. It’s a city on the leading edge of art, culture, dining, and entertainment with a very walkable downtown packed with more than 90 restaurants, clubs, craft breweries, coffee shops, theaters, and museums...



Vendors: Planning to Exhibit
in Grand Rapids?

Advance Reservation offers special benefits at no additional cost. Something for nothing? Quite possibly!

We can't think of a better way for our vendors to begin to connect with our membership ahead of the conference. 



In 10 Words or Less...

"Quick! In 10 words or less... What do you get out of being a member of the APMM?"

 Recently, we sent the above question out to APMM members on the MILE. Here are the results:

  • Get to hear other people’s stories of Model Making. ~ Randy
  • It is great to talk with people who understand.           ~ Eugene
  • I gain valuable real life knowledge and experiences from the APMM. ~ R
  • I can talk to someone who understands what I do.   ~ Bob
  • Community. ~ Charles 
  • Network of model makers willing to learn, teach, and grow. ~ Pete 
  • Community, Resource, Knowledge, Status, Resumé ~ Nathan
  • Pertinent expertise from a generous community of skilled model makers!  ~ Sharon
  • The sense of camaraderie from knowing my fellow APMM members share the same challenges of running a shop, managing projects, and creating objects of purpose and beauty. ~ Bruce (OK, that's more than 10 words, but hey, we agree!)

  • Professional organization for knowledge, camaraderie, resources, people that understand.     ~ Tanya
  • Shared knowledge and community. ~ Nacho

  • It’s a great way of keeping in the international loop! ~ Matt
  • The business of model making is not dissimilar to playing chess. ~ Paul

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll!



Member News

APMM Member Duane Martinez and APMM Executive Director Samanthi (Sam) Martinez are happy to announce the birth of their first grandchild - Townes Martinez Eismeier, who was born on July 6th in Austin, Texas.

Baby Townes weighed just over 7 pounds and was 21 inches long. Parents Rachel and Tim are doing well and adjusting to the new baby's routine.



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