Member Spotlight: A Museum Installation

submitted by Sue Wellman, St. Charles Model Works



St. Charles Model Works, Museum Installation                                                                  


Our recent installation of an intermodal port scene in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago completes what we are calling “the project of a lifetime”.

The assignment: Build a 1:48 scale diorama of the back third of a modern container ship in port at dusk. Include a tugboat, ship-to-shore crane, wharf, vehicles and container yard. Scatter about 20 figures throughout the scene. Use lighting to convey the time of day.



 Arts University at Bournemouth     

Education: Endorsement of Arts University at Bournemouth

In the three years since the APMM started endorsement of higher education programs - the places that make model makers - two excellent schools that fit our standards have received endorsement. The first was...


The Value of Old Tools  

Joshua Munchow writes about the value of old tools, why they deserve to be resurrected, and getting them into good shape again.


APMM Vendor: ShipandInsure provides shipping insurance, with no deductible, through their online site for shipping models and other items of value.


Insurance through will save costs on transit insurance requirements for shipped domestic and international parcels and freight through their online site,


Vendor News: B9Creations

Now is the dawn of the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D printing technology is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing, at long last unleashing the power of craftsmanship from the pre-industrial age. In this new era of mass customization, designers have never been more essential. And the market opportunity for model makers has never held more potential.

3D printers like the B9 Core Series turn model makers into craftsman at scale – offering the speed, resolution, and repeatability required to expand a shop’s capabilities while opening up more opportunities for customer creativity and custom design.

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