2008 Art Hedlund Student Model Making Competition

More than twenty models were entered in this year’s student model competition – an unprecedented turnout. Spanning the categories of architecture, entertainment, product design/engineering, transportation, and sculpture, the entries represented the Art Institute of Seattle, Bemidji State University/Northwest Technical College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and Texas Tech University.

Judges considered five criteria as factors in the judging process: the overall presentation; craftsmanship in fabrication, materials, paint/finish, and graphics; execution of the model in techniques, materials and resources; the fit and finish of the model’s appearance; and complexity through CAD, CNC and electronics.

1st Place 2008 SMMC - Bennes and Davis (photo: J Chen)

First place was awarded to Christian Bennes and Daryl Davis of Bemidji State University for their Oil Well Pump model, which was constructed of RenShape, acrylic, polystyrene, and aluminum. The model was a working prototype/engineering model that simulated the oil pump’s action. Christian and Daryl will split the $500 cash prize and each receives a set of digital calipers.




Second place went to Daryl Davis for his entertainment category model of the Helm of Gimli. Styled after a helmet from the2nd Place 2008 SMMC - Davis (photo: J Chen) Lord of the Rings trilogy, the full-scale model was constructed of polystyrene, RenShape, acrylic, leather, and urethane resin. Daryl will receive the $250 cash prize.



Third place was awarded to Peter Fusco of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for his entertainment model of Star Wars’ R2D2. 3rd Place 2008 SMMC - FuscoThe full size, fully functional model was constructed of RenShape, polystyrene, aluminum, lights, electric motors, and a radio transmitter and receiver. Peter will receive the $100 cash prize and a set of digital calipers.


Honorable Mention 2008 SMMC - Webster (photo: J Chen)Finally, Peter Webster’s architectural model of Blue Bell Springs, a scale model of a residence was recognized with an honorable mention. The highly detailed model, constructed of basswood, balsa, plywood and particle board sat on a 3’ x 5’ base. Judges decided to award Peter, a student at the Art Institute of Seattle, a set of calipers for his entry.

Christian Bennes, Daryl Davis, and Peter Fusco will be invited to attend APMM’s 2010 Conference with complimentary admission.

Congratulations to these fine young model makers and to all who participated in a rigorous competition!