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Have you seen the APMM Forum?

We think it's pure Model Making Wisdom!

Click here to go straight to the Forums (most of it is open to the public, but we've saved some especially cool stuff for our members only). Take a minute to check out what could be your next favorite tool in the model shop! Then login to see the Members Only section.

What are the Forums for? To ask questions, post an "A-ha!" moment, or lend your expertise to other makers

What's in it for me? Perhaps the holy grail of model making, or maybe just something that will make your job simpler. You decide.

Hey, what happened to the MILE? If you're familiar with the e-list called the MILE, it has been the cornerstone of communications between model makers for years. It was also ripe for spam and didn't have easily-searchable categories. Our Forums have categories!! The MILE will still be there for those "I need-it-right-now" emergencies. By subscribing to the Forums that you like, you will be notified by email when new posts are added.

Here's what the Forums will look like:


How can I search the Forums? Click on the "Search Our Site" link at the top right hand corner of the webpage. Once at the Search window, you can refine your search keywords and select "Forums only" to narrow down the results. Here's what the Search window will look like: 



What's so special about the 'Members Only' section? Members of the APMM will be able to access topics like: Vendor deals and announcements, Tips & Tricks, and Contract Work or Requests for Proposal. Even a few of these special benefits would be worth the price of our annual dues - just $150/year for a professional model maker.

Check it out! We think you'll love it!





Join the model making community and see for yourself what "belonging to the APMM" is all about. Experience the sharing of resources and make some alliances within our rapidly expanding industry. If finances are keeping you from joining, contact our office for more information on payment plans!



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